Any energy spent feeling sorry for yourself is wasted energy

The single by Chase Utley in the ninth inning should have been a foul ball. He hit it, and the ball definitely hit his leg. The umpires didn’t see it. I also thought he was out at first base, but they said my throw pulled Todd Helton off the bag. They ended up getting a sacrifice fly from Ryan Howard for the go-ahead run. Now we have to win to stay alive.

This was disappointing. But that’s the thing. You can’t get it back. So to spend more energy … We can argue all night long whether the ball hit him. We can argue all night long whether he was safe at first base. Actually, there’s not much of an argument. It’s right there on video. But we can’t change it. That’s the truth of the situation. That’s the fact, the reality that you have to move forward with. From there, it’s pretty simple. What are we going to do tomorrow to force a Game 5?

That’s the bottom line. We lost today. That’s part of the game, figuring out a way. How many times have we lost, then won two in a row? That’s all that’s left in front of us, to win two games in a row. You do it one game at a time, one pitch at a time, one out, one moment. As long as you don’t spend too much time and energy dwelling on everything that you want to scream about … You’ve got to move past it. You have to be stronger than the situation. Just show up tomorrow ready to work.

Both of my parents never let me make excuses. They never let you pout. They never let me throw my helmet after an at-bat or come in after a school test and explain why. There was never any talking about things by saying, “That’s unfair.” You can either spend time thinking about what’s unfair, or you can spend time thinking about changing your situation. So any energy spent on feeling sorry for yourself is wasted energy.


Right there with you, Huston. We got robbed last night with those calls – no one can argue that. But your attitude here is totally correct, and a good example for all Rockies fans. Thanks for pulling me out of my funk.

Rockies can do it. Rockies can do anything. I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!! All the way from the U.K.: LET’S GO ROCKS!!

We got screwed last night! I so agree with you! We have been getting robbed the whole series. First with Torre, and now this! These umps are so blind!
But, we have won 2 games in a row before. We can do it again. I believe in you guys!

All the way from the little town, Bailey: GO ROCKIES!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to write this. Cool stuff here. I teach leadership to college students and I’m going to read your post this week and discuss it. Last night wasn’t “just a game,” obviously, because it involved discipline, leadership, and poise in the face of an intense competition that could have gone either way. Those things stay with you after the competition ends. Please know that there are fans that root for the team (!) but also root that you all continue to be/become men who live life with the same discipline/leadership/poise that you model on the field. Thanks for your post.

wonder if there is time to wonder about 2 losses in a row…
things i wonder about this series:
1. why tracy shows NO confidence in 2 of our best hitters this year, hawpe and stewart, claiming the left right match up as his excuse, but allows a right handed pitching closer (you, street) to try to close out a game against a couple of the best left handers in the NL… right after that closer botched it against those same hitters in game 3.
2. why biemel is not warm and ready “just in case” howard comes to the plate in the ninth…

I would just like to say how proud I am of you guys. You’ve had such a spectacular season and I can’t wait until next season. Huston, I sure do hope you’re here for it! thanks for being such a good guy:]

Huston – I don’t know if you actually read this or not, but know this – WE (the Rockies) wouldn’t have made it to the postseason if it wasn’t for your saves record – don’t forget that. The real fans certainly won’t.

Huston, I know your heart is breaking right now. You did your best. The team wouldn’t have been in the post season without you. No matter what anyone says right now will not convince you not to be sad. I love watching you close the game and can’t wait until 2010 season.

you had a great season.. you have much to be proud of.. have a nice and safe offseason

hi Houston,

tonights game (Monday the 12th) was stolen from us the ump were on the phillies side and the calls were unjust. you and the rockies had an extrodinary year coming from so far behind to finish 2nd in the divison is simply amazing you should very feel very proud and honored to have gotton this far. Yes there are time when you say to yourself man i blow that pitch or man that pitch just cost us the game but if you look at the picture you guys had a great year and you made it to the playoffs not every team can say that you know only 4 team make it to the pllayoffs and we were paut of that 4.

All in all it think it was a great year and 2010 will be even better.

Huston – thanks for the great season. You were a vital cog in getting us to October baseball. Your words were wonderful and I plan to use them to motivate my own team of future USA softball players. Hope to see you in purple pinstripes in 2010 especially in October 2010!

I am pretty sure that the phillies hit the ball, not the umps. I am pretty sure the umps made some pretty bad calls both ways. I am pretty sure both teams did not capitalize when they could have. Stop crying. The Rockies played a hell of a series, but the Phillies played when it counted. What about all the missed calls the umps made in favor of the Rockies? They were equally as bad for both teams. But back to the point. The umps did not put a fast ball over the plate and the umps did not take the bat and hit it for Howard. Great season, rockies, but stop bitching.


Thank you very much for allowing us a peek into your world. I honestly thought you weren’t going to post after your loss, but I am very glad you did. I am sure you are sitll hurting, but you know and your fans know that you went out there playing with your heart 100%. I am not a Rockies fan, I apologize, my loyalties lay in Los Angeles, but watching you throughout the season has really been an inspiration. The way you play and carry yourself is refreshing in a world of closers who want to intimidate and walk around like they’re big stuff. You just come in with a quiet humility and let your pitches do your work for you. I’m sure you will go far in your career, and I look forward to watching you in the seasons to come.


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