Cool with the cold

Not playing yesterday was not a disruption to our routine. The game got postponed before most of us woke up. It would be one thing if you got to the field, you got all ready to go. That would have provided a little bit of a disruption. But that’s part of the playoffs and part of weather. I think it served both the teams pretty well. It gave everybody a day off. We had a workout, and now we’re ready to go.

I’ve pitched in colder weather than tonight. I pitched in ’06 in Detroit, and it snowed the day before. But I guess it’s all relative. You’ve got heaters in the bullpen, so they’ll keep you plenty warm. There are a couple of tanks of gas and a portable heater that pours out hot air down in the cage at the bottom of the scoreboard in right field. No one is going to pretend it’s not cold and sit outside. It’s about being ready to pitch when they call you. Now, if this were April or something, guys would joke around, sit out side and say they aren’t cold. Now, though, everybody’s going to make sure they’re doing whatever to keep warm.

I’m sure the guys in the bullpen will go down there in waves. They’ll go down when their inning comes up. If you’re in middle relief, you’ll go down at that time. You want to stay in the clubhouse and stay warm as long as you can. Guys should do that. They will.


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