It’s playoff time … so stay hydrated

You wake up today excited, like you do most days. These just mean a little bit more. There are natural emotions that go with it. If you don’t experience that, you’re not a human being. That being said, you just go about your business, same as you’ve always done and enjoy the fact that we’re in the playoffs. We’re doing something that’s extremely special. We were a team at the beginning of June we were a team that was a dead issue. We’ve still got a chance to win a World Championship. That’s the coolest part about today. It’s just the first step. Hopefully, we’re on an 11-win journey to winning a World Series ring.


So you stick with your routine. For me, it’s getting a big bag full of little bottles of water and taking them to guys during batting practice. In most visiting parks, they think I’m the water boy. That’s fine with me.


I started doing it my rookie season with the A’s, with Octavio Dotel and Ricardo Rincon. They wanted water during BP. I was a rookie. They were veterans. I obliged. I had a good year, was the American League Rookie of the Year. I did it the next year and we went to the ALCS. By that point it had become habit, so I’ve carried it here.


Everybody likes it. You stand out there during BP and you don’t get anything to drink, unless you run all the way in to the dugout and run all the way back out. Everybody seems to take a pretty good liking to it. I keep my boys hydrated. You’re not going to see anybody cramping up out there, that’s for sure.


I’m a veteran now. But that’s part of being on a team. You take care of each other. Guys pick each other up in all kinds of different ways. It’s another something to focus on, part of a routine that helps you stay calm and pass the time.


I did it the whole time when I was injured, out with a biceps tendon strain. You’ve got to keep it going, especially when the team get on a roll.


I don’t do it during Spring Training because there are 62 guys. Sixty-two bottles of water is something like 70 pounds. September is always a little tough because you’ve got 40 guys out there. But not that it’s the playoffs, it’s easier.


It’s all water, except Jason Marquis likes a red sports drink and Garrett Atkins likes blue or green. I take special requests whenever I can.


Haha, that’s great. I’ve heard about all these guys and their various routines, but this has to be my favorite. As avid, loyal Rockies fans, we love you, Huston. Do whatever you need to do to keep being awesome. Whenever you’re called, it’s like I can breathe easy. Go Rockies, I know you can bounce back against the Phillies today! We’ll be watching!

I think that shows such a good part of your spirit, Huston, that your game-routine is to help your batters. I hope you feel you’ve found a home here in Colorado, because we surely feel like you’ve got one. 🙂

Thanks for putting together a blog. It’s really fun to find out what it’s like for you guys.
What can I say, you have been an amazing addition to the team and we hope you will continue to be on our team for a long time to come.

Huston, I am so glad you came to the Rockies! You have been a breath of fresh air. I love that you seem to be so down to earth and humble. This blog reinforces that idea! It really shows a lot of your character that you enjoy bringing water to the other players! What a servant’s heart! I can’t wait for today’s game! Phillies better watch out!

Thanks for blogging!

Hey Mr. Street, Thanks so Much for Starting a Blog About the Awesome Experiences that You guys must Be Having. I know that as the Rockies #1 Biggest Fan, I’m Sure Having Awesome Experiences! Thanks also for Shaking My hand the other Day Down by the Dugout before The Game. See You Saturday, & Goooooooooo Rockies!

Thank you for your selfless character and being an important part of support to your team.

When the Katrina victims came to Denver, I volunteered and enjoyed every minute of it, even when I was changing out the trash cans.

Your commitment to the team and your players can be heard through your writing.

Your family brought you up right!

Gina V

So you do special requests, eh? Do you do purple drink? What about grape drink?

this is good stuff! all of you are such good guys and this just really enforces that. Thanks for sharing, Huston!

i think you’re famous for doing this mr street 🙂

hey keep your head up you still have my support you’re still a great closer in my book!

Houston hold your head high! You did us proud! What an amazing team! We could not have done it without you! This team won as a team and lost as a team. You did your best and I thank you. My son is now into baseball after watching you finish so many games (35!) We should call you Blake Street instead of Houston Street because you fit so well and did us so proud your home needs to be on 20th and Blake. What an amazing trade for our team! Hope to see you when Pitchers and Catchers report next year.

Sorry. It’s late and I didn’t look. I spelled your name wrong. My apologies. I really do know how to spell your name and know who you are. Guess we really are all human!

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